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San Telmo ¨Boom Boom¨

Evening in Mendoza and Tonguem Twisting Conversations

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So another word to the wise: DO NOT eat on Las Heras street. If you need to grab a bite there, make it a pizza or an empanada. Once again, I followed the fellow travelers of the evening before since their company was quite amusing. We went to a terrible place where we waited over an hour for the most basic of dishes, after which my temper got the worst of me and Spanish came out ¨No quiero mas!¨at least 5 times. I ended up looking at the dishes that arrived late and looked poorer than words can say.

I decided to contact the nice hostel owner, Luc, and join he and his friends for drinks. Great decision. While its really not the highest of seasons any longer, Avenida Aristides Villanueva was bustling with young, good looking people adorning the bars and restaurants along the street. Finally, I got to clean my eyes a bit!

I had a great time. We sat at La Carmel, a corner restaurant on the main avenue. For me, it was strawberries and cream & a Cabarnet on the side. Not bad at all. A friend of Luc´s brought his father from Chile, a rather nice looking man with years of experience written on the lines of his face. The whole gang was really nice. I got a heads-up, a bit too late, on Argentinean men specifically and Latin men in general: You are never the only one!! Not a comforting thought obviously but it wasn´t time to start thinking again.

We moved on, to the bar on the next corner (reminded me of my bar hopping days in London) and continued the night. The older man and I engaged in deep conversation about religion, business and the crime rates of Argentina. I was telling him about the murder I saw, right before my very eyes in San Telmo earlier this week, and got tongue tied, not knowing how to saý `murderered´. The wine must have got the best of me and all I could come up with was ¨San Telmo... boom boom¨. Words can not describe the fit of laughter that caught us all, and honestly, had not happened to me in a long, long while. For almost 30 minutes, that´s all we could say to one another. Very mature conversation but it was splendid to bend over laughing with new people.

I closed the night at 3AM. Awesome.

Out on a $135 ¨Trout and Wine¨ Tour today. I gave in. After all, I came to indulge and feed my soul and aching heart with some good food (which didnt happen yet) and wine. Plan on visiting some excellent bodegas in Lujan de Cuyo region of Mendoza, and I intend to examine these vineyards very closely but still, coming wiuth an open mind to enjoy at least one excursion on my last day here. More on that tonight & photos of course.


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Post Winery Tour

More like a tourist trap

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Seriously, I do NOT recommend this company nor this excursion.
Descubra Mendoza - ¨First Region¨Vineyards -----> stay away!

We visited a different winery than what was listed but no one bothered to tell me and give me the freedom of choice, I sat in the bumpy car for almost 6 hours and ate a mediocre Argentinean style lunch. Did they ever hear of Miranda in Palermo Hollywood, BA? Thats a lunch. So it obviously did not meet my basic expectations and everything was rushed. Big NO NO. But it was okay. There are worst situations. Like work.

I had lunch with a nice couple from Quebec. It´s hard to believe but they are still in love. They are amazing and were so inspiring I just had to tell them that I hope the relationship of my dreams will look like that! I took that as an indication from the universe that everlasting love, admiration and friendship is possible. No. I dont plan on going to Quebec to see if its there... hmm at least not yet.

It`s Friday and it seems that I tend to forget what day it is ever since this trip started. I don't remember the last time I watched the news on television. Honestly, who wants to when you get to see the views that welcomed me today. The grape vines in this region are like arms, stretching out from under the earth and holding the vines up to the sun. It´s incredible really and not something a picture can capture as opposed to a live sighting.

Semana Santa here means family time and in Potrerillos was full of caravans, camping sites and families. The Argentineans definitely do not work as hard as the people of other countries but they definitly do live well. It´s a great approach really. For every historic event, war, battle, flag, dish or person there is a holiday. Why don´t Israelis have Ben Gurion day or the day we put a flag in Jerusalem or something like that. Life might be better.

As to feelings, I´d rather not start. But it is still hard for me. I let my mind wanter whenever it wants and when I tear, I tear. It passes, that´s what counts. I should have never waited so long to say what I feel but I did. I wont ever really know if it cost me the chance.

So again, it is Friday and I should very well try to make some plans. Beit Chabad?

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Mendoza First Wineries

Friday April 2, 2010 On my way to an excursion Thoughts so far

sunny 25 °C

So I got here on Wednesday pretty hung up on the events in Buenos Aires. I have developd a kind of love-hate relationship with the city. When Im there I want to leave and when I´m away, I want to go back.
I teared on my first wine tour Wednesday afternoon - how funny and embarassing! Thank god for big bug-like sunglasses. I forced myself to ask the tour guide questions on wine. What choice did I really have? It was either to look at the couples kissing and want to puke or take an interest in the vinos that got these people into love in the first place. Naturally, I went for choice B!

It wasnt easy though. By the time I got back to the hotel, I felt a little better. I dined alone at some italian place around the corner from here called La Albacas. The nice waiter was very helpful and sweet, taking in my conversation of love.

Yesterday I dedicated my time to exploring the city and seeing the sights. I walked around, causing some guys to turn their heads a little too much sometimes and at some point I was thinking to myself ¨my god, whats wrong with you men!?!? Have you never seen a woman?¨It gets funny sometimes. In any case, its a nice touch to the ego although my heart was unable to enjoy any of it.

While searching for excursions, I came across a nice hostel, th Monkey Hostel, recently acquired by two nice guys one of whom was a waiter at a local restaurant and the other, a nice Belgian who met his Argentinean wife while diving in Brazil. I ended up lunching with the two gentlemen at Cafe del Teatro, just next to the luxurious Park Hyatt.

The afternoon tour was okay - actually it was crowded, barely audible in English and did not include the items in the itinerary. The only thing rewarding about it was the people I met there. Three nice ladies from a province just outside Buenos Aires. So we chatted the afternoon away while we ticked off city spots like the governmnt district, the court, Parque San Martin which is amazing, and all the gorgeous plazas of this city. We ended the tour with a visit to Terra Gloria, where the handsome San Martin is depicted in bronze, finishing off his business of freeing Argentina and Chile from the Spanish. He was quite handsome! And might I add a man with a dominant nose. I guess people with strong facial characteristics do have something special.

I was really yearning to check out the night scene but I was not equipped with proper company. Instead, I joined the ladies for dinner and it was incredibly funny. We met a nice couple from Florida and I was so proud to have given thm the best tips for their next destination, Buenos. Almost like a portena. The local guitar players seemed to have gotten glue under their shoes and did not move from our table for a while. Thats the magic of this place I guess!

I do want to point out that my Spanish is improving incredibly here! It feels great. Its the only way to do it.

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